Submit a Newsletter Article

MDTESOL Newsletter Submission Guidelines

We welcome members’ submissions of articles, personal essays, and original illustrations/photographs. Article submissions are divided in the following: What Works and Lead Articles articles.
  • What Works articles should be very hands-on and practical, about something that works well in the classroom (it could even be a lesson plan).
  • Lead Articles are more theoretical in nature (i.e., not about teaching techniques) and they explore a subject in depth.

Lead Articles
and What Works articles should correspond to at least one of the recognized MDTESOL Interest Sections:
  • Adult Education
  • Advocacy
  • Elementary Education
  • Graduate Student
  • Higher Education 
  • Program Administration
  • Secondary Education
  • Teacher Education / Professional Development
We especially welcome personal essays where members describe how they became teachers. Essays from ESOL students are also highly desired articles.
  • The Circuitous Path (Stories of how you became a teacher)
  • ESOL Student Essays

Guidelines for Articles:
  • Electronic submission is required.
  • Approximately 1200-1300 words for Lead Articles, 700-800 words for What Works articles and personal essays. However, with the electronic nature of the newsletter, these word limits are flexible.
  • Articles should use a uniform typeface. 
  • Should the text require changes to weight or slope for emphasis, they should be included. 
  • The author(s) should include a suggested title and byline(s) with name(s) and preferred personal title(s), or the origin of the article.

Visual Support Guidelines:
  • Appropriate illustrations/photographs are encouraged. 
  • Original submissions are preferred; if not original, provide image credits and source location (web address).
  • Images and photographs should be emailed in a high-quality digital format, preferably in JPG or PNG file format. 
  • A caption or short description should be included with each picture. These may appear as captions and as verbose descriptors for those readers with visual impairments.

Send your articles to the MDTESOL newspaper editors at You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of your submission.