2017 Annual Fall Conference - Individual

Registration Types

Early Bird Registration - July 29 to September 9  
Early Bird (w/bundled Membership - New or Renewal): $91
Early Bird (w/bundled Volunteer Teacher/Full-time Student Membership): $79
Regular Registration - From September 10 to November 2  
Regular (w/bundled Membership - New or Renewal): $103
Regular (w/bundled Volunteer Teacher/Full-time Student Membership): $91
On-Site Registration - November 11  
On-Site (w/bundled Membership - New or Renewal): $112
On-Site (w/bundled Volunteer Teacher/Full-time Student Membership): $103

Please Note:  If registering for volunteer teacher/full-time student rates, documentation serving as proof of volunteer teacher or current full-time student status will be required (letter from institution/organization or unofficial transcript).

If you need any accommodations in order to participate in the conference, please contact FirstVP@mdtesol.org at least three weeks before the day of the conference. 

For purposes of the Annual Fall Conference registration: 

1. A volunteer is defined as a person whose sole teaching employment is teaching ESOL classes without monetary compensation.  Volunteers must provide proof of their current volunteer teaching status (Letter from Organization with Supervisor’s Contact Information).

2. A student is defined as a person who has current full-time enrollment status at an accredited college or university.  Students must provide proof of their enrollment status and affiliation with a college or university (Letter from Institution or Unofficial Transcript).