OVERVIEW OF MD-TESOL interest sections

If you are interested in serving on the board in one of these sections, please e-mail president@mdtesol.org.

Interest Sections (ISs) are special interest groups within Maryland TESOL that connect members based on professional areas of interest. Interest Sections plan and conduct IS meetings at the fall conference, contribute articles to the newsletters, and host winter/spring events of interest to their membership.

Adult Education Interest Section

ESOL in Adult Education serves the interest of adult students in ESL programs, their teachers, and administrators. It brings together the knowledge, precepts, and skills of two distinct but compatible areas: adult education and ESL.

Advocacy Interest Section

 This interest section represents teachers, administrators, and others involved in ESL at any level. We work together to advocate for better access to resources and improved outcomes for English language learners, and we are committed to improving professional conditions and opportunities for ESL teachers. Join and make your voice heard!oice heard!

Elementary Education Interest Section

ESOL in Elementary Education fosters recognition of ESOL as an academic discipline in elementary education, increasing awareness of elementary ESOL educators' needs in both the field and the association of TESOL, and developing new professional resources for teachers and their students.

Graduate Student Interest Section

The Graduate Student Interest Section serves its membership by providing a forum where graduate students may 1) present their projects, research, and teaching philosophies, 2) practice their presentation skills in a safe and supportive environment, 3) provide/receive feedback on their presentation skills from faculty members and fellow graduate students, and 4) have an opportunity to network with fellow TESOL professionals.

Higher Education Interest Section

ESL in Higher Education advances effective instruction, promotes professional standards and practices, influences and supports policies of TESOL and other associations, determines needs, and considers all other matters relevant to ESL in colleges and universities.

Secondary Education Interest Section

ESL in Secondary Education represents teachers and administrators with expertise in the area of secondary education whose task is to ensure that secondary TESOL students develop the academic, linguistic, cultural, and cognitive skills necessary for success in an English-speaking context. This IS facilitates the exchange of information and expertise among secondary teachers and administrators.

Teacher Education Interest Section

Teacher Education and Professional Development provides a forum for those who are interested in ESOL teacher education, raises and discusses relevant issues, promotes professional development of ESOL teachers, and works toward the formulation of policy that will improve conditions of employment and learning for teachers and students.

Regional Interest Section- Western MD

The Western MD interest section represents teachers and administrators from the areas included within Western MD. This interest section is to ensure that members from all over Maryland are provided with educational events, professional development and individual input. 


Email: president@mdtesol.org

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