ESOL Teacher of the Year Award


The ESOL Teacher of the Year Award honors two ESOL educators -- K-12 and Higher Education-- who go above and beyond in their job duties inside and outside of the ESOL classroom. This annual award is given to one K-12 and one Higher Education ESOL teacher who have distinguished themselves within that year for specific reasons. Nominees must be ESOL educators in the State of Maryland and a member of Maryland TESOL. The Award is presented at the Annual Spring Dinner & Meeting.

Nominations are now being accepted through Monday, April 26 2021.

The Awards will be presented at the Annual Spring Dinner and Membership Meeting on Thursday, May 20, 201.


Teacher of the Year - K-12

Suchitra Moneyhan impresses her colleagues with her knowledge, dedication, and love for our ESOL students. Ms. Moneyhan teaches ESOL Newcomers in high school presently, but she has also taught elementary ESOL in the past. These experiences have truly equipped Ms. Moneyhan to teach ESOL, math, and science to Newcomer English learners as well as students with limited or interrupted formal education. In addition to her outstanding skills as an ESOL educator, Ms. Moneyhan has consistently gone above and beyond to advocate for her ELs and for students of diverse backgrounds at our school. Ms. Moneyhan worked with the school administration to advocate for the incorporation of an Indo-Pakistani club. Her vision was to create a space for students from Indo-Pakistani backgrounds to come together and support one another. The Indo-Pakistani club has been a success and students now feel included and empowered by the community this club has created within the school. Ms. Moneyhan is what every ESOL teacher should aspire to be and she deserves to be recognized for her critical, heartfelt work.

Teacher of the Year - Higher Education

Dr. De Kleine has inspired and served as a mentor for countless TESOL students at Notre Dame and throughout the world. She has worked hard at Notre Dame to create a graduate program of study that prepares teachers to be researchers, advocates and leaders in the field of TESOL. She is tough yet fair, and pushes her students to explore their interests and passions, as well as produce their best work. She inspires us to never stop questioning the status quo, and to challenge our school systems to support our ESOL students. She is a problem-solver and an innovator with a curious spirit and open mind. She has taught us the importance of research and how it should guide lesson planning and personal teaching philosophy that guides everyday life. She is an advocate for professional development, and always encourages her students to participate in MDTESOL and continued education events. She leads by example and, while she is an expert in the TESOL field, she is not afraid to learn from others. Dr. De Kleine is consistently continuing her own education and staying current with the most recent research and new ideas in her field. She has been an integral part of the Graduate Student Interest Section Mini-Conference in past years, helping with organization, encouraging her students to present and participate, and even attending the event herself. Dr. De Kleine is a leader in TESOL. Her knowledge of the field, passion for her own research, and dedication to her students is inspirational.



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