Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award was established to honor the accomplishments of professionals in the TESOL field who throughout their years of service have exemplified dedication to English learners at any educational level and/or in ESOL teacher training. The award is given at the Annual Fall Conference.

This award is bestowed upon individuals who have been working in the TESOL field in Maryland for at least 15 years and who have made substantial and exemplary contributions to the field, its students, and /or teachers at any educational level.

The individual must be an individual with at least 15 years of working experience in the TESOL field in the state of Maryland.

Key Dates
Nomination Submission Deadline: October 1st
Nomination Review Timeline: Nominations will be reviewed in Early-Mid October
Notification: Mid-Late October


  • In regards to the Nomination Statement, a bio statement from a publication and/or conference program is not appropriate, nor is a resume and/or CV.
  • Submission for nomination is due October 1st.
  • Unselected nominations will be considered for the following year.

2024 Nominations will open soon!



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