Privacy Policy

MD-TESOL collects each member's e-mail address, phone number, mailing address, interest-section affiliation selections, work-affiliation information and membership status. This information is kept for the purpose of communicating with members for administrative purposes, for distributing designated e-publications, to alert members to benefits and services their membership provides them, and for internal awareness of demographics. Members may expect 5-10 messages per year directly related to MD-TESOL membership (such as confirmation of renewal or change in dues), related to critical association issues (such as elections), transmitting e-publications (interest section newsletters), or new member benefits (the newsletter). We do not share this information with third parties (such as vendors) without unless given explicit permission.

Members may opt out of non-critical promotional e-mails when they join or renew their membership in MD-TESOL. Members may also change their privacy preferences at any time by writing or e-mailing MD-TESOL, to the attention of the Membership Coordinator. Members may opt to subscribe to announcement e-newsletters (Interest Section newsletters) and may add or remove these optional subscriptions by contacting the Membership Coordinator.

MD-TESOL also offers a private (members-only) membership directory, for which listings are optional. Members are encouraged to use the online My Profile tool on the Members page to manage which information does or does not appear in their directory. Members may opt completely out of the directory in the same way.

The above policies do not address privacy issues related to members who opt to join electronic discussion e-lists or participate in public Web-based bulletin board discussions. If you participate in these optional services, your e-mail address may be visible to other participants.